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Q: I took classes at another training center – do I have to start over with you?

A: Not necessarily – we take in to consideration that you and your dog have worked hard to get where you are and we will work with you to determine the best class environment for you and your dog. Our goal is for you both to have the best experience possible.

Q: Can I observe a class? 

A: Absolutely!  We welcome prospective students to come and observe our classes (without your dog please).  Please contact us to confirm when you are coming (just to make sure that the schedule hasn’t changed).

Q: I want to take an agility class with my dog, but I don’t want to compete – is that okay?

A: Taking any class with your dog is a great idea – whether you want to compete in trials or just build a better relationship with your dog.  Some of our students take refresher manners or agility classes just to have special time with their dog.  And down the road, if you get “hooked”, you can always choose to compete!

Q: My dog is ____ months / years old.  What class should I take?

A: If your dog is under 5 months of age, we suggest a Puppy Class to start out their training.  Our Puppy Classes are geared toward the fact that pups have shorter attention spans than adult dogs.  Also, in a Puppy Class we will work on creating good behaviors – such as not putting teeth on human skin, creating successful housebreaking habits, and lots more!

If your dog is older than 5 months of age when the class begins, we suggest a Beginning Obedience class.  Beginning classes are geared toward teaching manners to dogs with little or no formal training.  This class is also a good starting point for new rescues as it helps you and your new dog build their relationship.

Q: Do you do private lessons?

A: Yes!  For more details, please refer to our Private Lessons page.

Q: Do you train all breeds?

A: Absolutely! We do not discriminate because of a dog’s breed or mix.

Q: My dog gets really crazy and excited when he sees another dog.  I am concerned that he will be disruptive in class. Should I do a private lesson instead?

A: You are always welcome to do a private lesson rather than a group class, however most dogs learn to settle quickly in a group class environment, so don’t rule out group classes just yet!

;However, if your dog is highly reactive, a private lesson may suit him or her better so that we can help you get a handle on the issue before entering a group situation.  And if you do sign up for a group class but find that it is not a good fit for you and your dog, we can always transfer your remaining credits in to a private lesson for you.

Q: Can I bring other family members to training?

A: We encourage the whole family to attend classes (but it is not required).  This gives us a chance to see how everyone interacts with your dog and help you with any issues you experience.

Q: How do I register for a class?

A: For more information on class fees and registering for a class, please visit How To Register.